Omnichannel – the ultimate customer experience everywhere!

Omnichannel is about creating a unique and amazing customer experience across all of your channels. Your customers, today, are everywhere, and they expect a streamlined experience across your channels. That’s why it’s important to map out a strategy for how to provide them with a coherent experience of your brand, products, and services across media and channels.


With Adapt as our digital partner, we’ve achieved a full omnichannel transition in just a few years. Now, with the launch of the new site and Instore concept, we’re taking our digital ambition to the next level, and we can highly recommend Adapt as digital partner. 

Aleksander Due-Rasmussen,
Ecommerce Manager, SPORTMASTER


of online retailers has multiple channels in play


expect to be able to buy online and pick up in store


has used their mobile for research before a purchase

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