Marketing automation - Streamline your business process and increase revenue

A solid Marketing Automation setup increases the potential for more customers and increased sales - but without more work. We believe in Marketing Automation because it offers a much more personalized user experience, leading to more and happier customers for your business. Our approach to Marketing Automation is based on the use of data, UX and an understanding of the entire user journey. For us, step one is always getting a comprehensive understanding of your business, and then we establish targeted triggers and flows, enabling you to automate repetitive tasks.

What do you get from working with Marketing Automation with us?

Strategic sparring

Get access to consultants with extensive knowledge about e-commerce, UX and optimization that can guide and advise you on how to make the most of Marketing Automation.


Optimized flows that create value

No more buckshot campaign, spreading resources too thin and not really hitting anything, or, more importantly, anyone. Instead, we believe that we can hit the user with personalized 1:1 Marketing campaigns based on analysis and insight. Marketing Automation opens up behavioral dialogue flows delivering relevant content to the right recipient. It automatically sends content to the customer that matches the customer's needs and demand, creating a foundation for good and loyal customer relationships. This opens up Marketing Automation for higher loyalty, resale, and at the same time releasing resources within the company.


Track and measure customer progress

Marketing Automation also provides the opportunity to measure the impact on Marketing activities. Our tools and methods allow you to see what your customers see on your website and in your app, giving you insights into what products and messages they engage with. Based on this, we tailor the next relevant follow-up.


Get closer to your potential customers

Marketing Automation is based on intelligent triggers and rules that define the logic and communications streams of your business. Marketing Automation transfers knowledge from sales and marketers to dynamically driven customer relationships, bringing the company as close to the potential customer as possible.


We faced a major challenge and a greater commitment to reach a highly ambitious sales target. For the first time, we wanted to do all our marketing digitally, which meant creating a platform and setup that was up to the task. Adapt expertly helped us and we made a marketing setup together, which has far exceeded all our expectations and testifies to an even greater potential for next year's sales!

Nicolai Lind
Head Of Communications and Development, Cofoco

Clients we've done Marketing Automation for


believes that marketing automation is “very important” for the overall success of online marketing activities


experience an increase in conversion


increase in sales productivity

Want to know more about Marketing Automation? 

We provide tangible and executable strategies - and we help you implement them. Contact us if you want to know more about how we can help create value for you and your customers.