Magento – The ecommerce powerhouse

Magento is one of the world's most popular ecommerce platforms. Ecommerce is evolving extremely fast, and to accommodate the changing consumer-patterns, and we work exclusively on platforms that we know can keep up with this fast-paced evolution. This means that we only use platforms that have a solid momentum, and flexibility to accommodate even the most complex ecommerce needs.

Why pick Magento? 

Flexibility and stability are the keywords when we talk about Magento. There is no IT team in the world that can do what Magento does – to keep up with the constant development we see in retail and ecommerce. It's a powerhouse of a platform with over 200,000 developers in the back that constantly improves and modifies it, and basically ensures that your brand can give your customers a unique experience.

Benefits of Magento: 

  • The world's leading platform for ecommerce solutions
  • Large number of third party integration ERP, payment, PIM, etc.
  • Scalable and future-proof solution
  • Cloud Based
  • Supports multiple stores and currencies


We chose Adapt as our full-service web agency because of their business understanding and, not least, the sparring regarding our future webshop. Adapt presented a solid business case while also having the skills to create a design that fits our products and the skills to implement it and integrate it with our financial management system.

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