Joint Public User Test

Digital accessibility is key in all public self-service solutions. Joint Public User Testing is obligatory for all public self-service portals, and we’re fully equipped to carry out these tests. 

The seal of approval

The Joint Public User Test is not a substitute for the traditional think-aloud test, and the result of the Joint Public User Test is not a report with identified problem areas and suggestions for improvement. It is the obligatory seal of approval, stating whether or not the site has passed. The joint public user test must, therefore, be held when the solution is completed but before it goes into production.

  • Completion
    A minimum of 80% of the test subjects must be able to carry out relevant tasks in the self-service solution

  • Critical errors
    A minimum of 80% of the test subjects must not experience a critical error. A critical error is one that the test person is unable to correct and therefore must seek help outside the solution. It could also be a mistake which means that the purpose of the solution is not achieved despite the completion of the solution

  • User satisfaction
    The total user satisfaction must be at least 4 on a scale from 1-5, where 5 is the best.


We are trained in the correct execution of the Joint Public User Test and we guarantee that the test is following the formal demands. Through a thorough preparation and thought out recruitment we give the solution the best circumstances for passing the test - the rest is up to the users.

Nanna Gelineck
Senior Insights Consultant, Adapt

Want to know more about Fællesoffentlige brugertest?

We help you complete and pass the Joint Public User Test so you can be sure that your digital solution meets all legal requirements. Our facilitator will manage the process and prepare a report that will enable you to stay up to date.