Focus groups

– Gain in-depth insights to your users  

We use focus groups to uncover the users' attitudes, habits, and prejudices about your brand. We gather the right people and ask the right questions and we often find that the greatest revelations come when the focus group gets a life of its own and starts exploring areas of their own accord. We gather result from the focus group interview, analyze and deliver action-oriented reports.

We put together an appropriate audience in the focus group consisting of 6-12 people with profiles corresponding to your wishes, and our Usability Consultant facilitates and supports the entire process, guiding and stepping away according to the group dynamic. 

Clients we do focus groups with


Use focus groups to uncover:

  • Potential for new products
  • Target audience assessment of a new marketing concept
  • Target audience response to advertising and information campaigns
  • The background for any resistance to a product
  • What customers emphasize in relation to supplier selection
  • Trendspotting and development guidelines within the target group

Want to know more about focus groups?

Contact us if you want to know more about how to get started using a focus group.