We build customized solutions based on data and insights, to deliver on your business needs. We do this by making development an integral part of our design process. We don’t bow to tech-trends, we pair platform with purpose, and select the best possible tools to fit your vision and goals. We write quality code that focuses on reliability, performance, and scalability.


Technology is like a digital toolkit – and we don’t use one tool for all jobs. We analyse the needs of our client and their desired solution, and we pick the right tool for the job. There’s a vast catalogue of technologies out there, and we’ve picked out the ones that match our criterias of reliability and performance. 



Drupal is the world’s leading platform for web content management, known for being robust, flexible, and scalable. But it’s much more than that. Its capacity for handling huge amounts of traffic also makes it stand out from other platforms. Over 700.000 developers are constantly updating, improving, and adding modules to it, you’ve got one of the most secure, and stable platforms out there. We primarily use Drupal for enterprise solutions, at which it far exceeds any competition out there.




Flexibility and stability are keywords when we talk about Magento. There’s no IT team in the world that can do what Magento does – keep up with the changing face of commerce, and as such, is an incredibly powerful ecommerce platform. Over 200,000 developers are modifying and improving it, enabling you to create a truly unique experience for your business. Add to that, the platform is capable of handling extreme volumes of traffic and transactions.




WordPress is an ideal solution for mid-range businesses that are looking for a platform to make their own. It’s highly customizable with thousands of plugins, and with WooCommerce, you get the ecommerce platform that powers 30 % of all online stores. Simple to use, easy to make unique.




As a dynamic open-source framework with a lot of reusable components, Symfony makes creating new websites quicker and less costly. It's a lightweight framework, which means that it’s usually a better fit for the customized solutions where performance and a small code footprint is more important.


JavaScript framework

In our eternal quest for the perfect user experience, we often pair JavaScript frameworks with our content management systems. Whether it’s React, node.js, or Angular, we harness the power that both systems bring to the table – the power of the underlying CMS, and the highly dynamic JavaScript. It allows us to give the users that ‘app’ feeling, with instant feedback and high performance. We work with systems that are extremely stable, with a proven track record of over a billion users.

Android, iOS & Windows Phone

App development is taking new leaps every day, and we’re on top of that development. We usually do native development, across Android, iOS and Windows Phone, and we are continually progressive in our own development process. We track and analyse on everything we do, and we’ve got a world of integrations at our fingertips.

App Development


The Chatbots are coming! And we’re building them. We build chatbots for automated conversations, and to gather knowledge about how users, or customers, interact with brands. Chatbots are interesting for a wide variety of industries and for many purposes. We’re constantly challenging what they’re capable of, and how we can use them in new ways. 


Instore concepts

Instore concepts are the next step in digitalising the retail business. They offer new ways of approaching and accommodating the consumers. It’s a new way of enhancing the purchase-experience, and an exciting approach to generating attention for what your business has to offer – both in the physical stores, and online.


We’ve long embraced the agile methods of working. We work in iterations, with continuous interactions with users, enabling us to help you better, and faster, and adapt to an increasingly dynamic market. Being agile allows us to focus on the opportunities that create value, and enables us to pool resources and knowledge, and collaborate with you to a higher degree than ever before. Another huge advantage gained from our agile approach is that we are able to submit parts of the solution for testing and adjusting throughout the process. This lets us evaluate the solution, and learn from the process.


Reliable hosting is absolutely vital for any business. Our hosting enables you to build, deploy, and optimize your digital solutions faster, and manage them easily on a secure, scalable and reliable solution. Get access to the best we have – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


With our nearshoring services, you can hire talented developers who are highly experienced in all types of web, mobile, and ecommerce projects. Whether you need one person for a few hours or a team of developers for a more complex long-term project, we can provide the exact amount of developer power you need to make your project a success. This along with a project team based in our Copenhagen office.


Extended Team

The Extended Team functions, as the name suggests, as an extension to your in-house team. We assemble the team of project managers, Scrum Masters, and QA specialists according to your needs. We deliver an exclusive team that helps increase output while reducing costs


Managed team

The Managed Team lets you build a skilled and highly flexible back-office team for your individual purposes. It lets you start developing your project without investing the time and efforts in the requirements and team management. Your Managed Team lets you cut cost, and reduce time-consuming tasks, while you’re in complete control.


Fixed project

The Fixed Project is the ideal low-risk option for projects with set goals, detailed project specification and limited budget. There’s no management risk, and we deliver on budget, and on time. Every time.