Conversion review

When a website starts to perform poorly, it is not always easy to figure out where the problems started. With conversion analysis, we go all the way to the core and highlight the behavior of your users and find the elements that inhibit the website's conversion rate. We combine our great knowledge of human behavior with a thorough review of the way users use your website. With your conversion review, we go in and point out a number of actions that will help you raise the conversion rate and thus strengthen your business.

Website Performance Analysis

Are there too few users coming on from your landing pages? Can load time and website speed challenges help to damage conversion rates? Do you experience over and over again problems with leftovers? And what can you really do to get the problems alive? With the performance analysis, we will, in close cooperation with you, submit a plan for how you can progressively enhance your website performance and raise your conversion rate.

Touchpoint analysis

To put the best digital strategy together, and offer your users the best service, it's crucial to understand where and how users meet your business. With a touchpoint analysis, we zoom in on the user journey and all the points along the way that affect the user experience of your business. By understanding all of the business touchpoints, we can put together the best strategy aimed at your customers so that they get the best possible experience.

Innovation strategy and design sprints

An essential part of attracting customers and getting users to convert is keeping your business up to date with the trends and strategies that are on the market. Sometimes, minor changes in design and content may be enough to increase conversions, but other times, there will be much greater business value in thinking a bit out of the box and challenging the existing business model. We combine our knowledge of the digital landscape with a close collaboration about your business and customers, so we, together, can explore and create concepts that can ensure your business great and lasting value.

Data and Heat map analysis

We use heatmaps to find the root of a problem so that we can target optimization to those areas where the most value is gained. With tools like Google Analytics, Crazyegg and Hotjar, we go close to your target groups and their behavioral patterns across devices and entry points to your websites. Based on user behavior on the page, we set up strategic actions and usability changes that will create a better user experience while increasing the number of conversions.

User test

While data analysis is a really effective tool to illuminate what users are doing, we come a lot deeper into why users do what they do when we engage in a user test. In addition to making you more aware of the behavior and motivation of your users, user tests also allows you to move closer to the users' expectations for you, and the method thus creates insights that will help optimize your solution to your target audience.

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Philip Arnaa
Director, Insights & Digital Marketing