Rezet Store ready to roll out ambitious new webshop

We helped Rezet Store step onto the world market stage a few years ago, and now we are excited to announce that, once again, we have joined forces with them. This time for a revamp of their webshop, minimizing limitations in their digital setup to help them expand their business ambitions.

First and foremost, we have upgraded Rezet Store’s ecommerce solution to match current trending standards. We focused on site speed by building a robust react frontend application in collaboration with extremely fast backend APIs, which allowed us to achieve incredible page load speeds. Using the best search engine in the world, we have made search results appear 20 times faster than before, which made the whole shopping experience a lot smoother. With the new checkout look, we have created a flow from adding to basket to receiving goods that is even faster than before.

With this new technical stack, Rezet Store has the possibility to expand their business ambitions and ideas without any limitations.

Rezet Store