Proudly sponsoring passion

Revving engines and roaring crowds - Adapt is proudly supporting safety at CPH Historic Grand Prix

Performance, speed, why wouldn’t we love that? But to do those, you need safety - and that’s what we’re helping to bring to the table for CPH Historic Grand Prix. We’re sponsoring the Officials – the passionate guys and gals responsible for the track security and safety at racing events like Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix. 

Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix

The flagship for Danish Motorsports takes place every year, during the first weekend of August, in Bellahøj, Copenhagen. It’s action and drama. Speed and entertainment. And it’s for the whole family. 

We’re in it for the cars!

Join us and celebrate historic race cars and famous drivers – both Danish icons and international stars.

Adapt clients gather round

As we’re sponsoring, we’ve gotten our hands on a bunch of tickets for the event. If you’re interested in going, grab a hold of the guy sitting on those tickets, our CEO, Kresten Wiingaard, and see if there’s any tickets left. Pedal to the metal, and all that. See you there!