Noxi - A universe with bedtime stories for children

Singer, yoga instructor, mindfulness coach, instagrammer. Mother. Emilie Schiøtt came to Adapt with a wide range of skills, a single audio file but a very clear vision: She wanted to create an app that would help kids fall asleep. As a mother Emilie knows how difficult it can be to get children to calm down. It was actually in a time when her 6-year-old son couldn’t fall asleep that he himself got the idea of a universe, where children create and tell stories. Emilie had long sought herself for a simple tool that could assist her in the late evenings but decided to take the matter on her own.

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Together all the way

Together we have created a universe. A universe of storytelling made with and told by children. A unique idea that we have the skills to realize. In collaboration with Emilie, we now have a name, illustrations for the characters and design for the app. We have developed a user-friendly platform where you can add valuable features along the way. And as a curl on the tail, we have advised in choice of a business model and SoMe strategy.

Enchanting stories making children fall asleep

The app contains a universe of stories, made as small dream trips, each built up around different characters. The cloud Sara invites the child on a flight in the beautiful night sky. The astronaut Asger follows the child to dreamland in his magic space rocket. The characters guide the child to feel the body, release the mind and rest. Although all stories are different, they share the same purpose: To create peace of mind, so that the child can go to sleep.


Already at our first meeting, I experienced Adapt as open, curious, and very professional. They listened to my ideas and provided me with useful counseling and good advice. Together, we quickly turned my idea into a sharp and concrete product, covering everything from functionality to design.

Emilie Schiøtt
Founder, Noxi