The Normal app launches in Norway

Last year we helped Normal create an app designed to engage their customers, and it outperformed all our expectations reaching quarterly goals within just a few days. Now, with Normal’s increasing international success and growth, we’re helping them launch the app in Norway. With over 80 stores in Norway, Normal has a solid foothold in the Norwegian market - a foothold that they aim to solidify even further with the launch of the app. 

The app is engineered to be easily expanded as Normal grows. With one unified API but separate databases, we’ve ensured that maintenance and future features is done in one place, but designed the system to allow autonomy for each country. This gives each country full ownership of the content in the app but keeps the framework the same. This ultimately allows Normal to launch the app in any of their emerging markets with minimal fuss, and a tried and true process. And we’re excited to see what’s next.