A multi-site solution for Fredericia municipality

We have been tasked with building a multisite for Fredericia municipality, which brings together the municipality's many exciting institutions, museums, and attractions. The solution will give Fredericia municipality the opportunity to build independent sites with individual expressions, designs, and functionality. And since the solution is built on Drupal, the municipality of Fredericia also benefits from sharing the same code database and technical background, thereby achieving operational and developmental benefits.

The entire project is based on extensive user tests, which form the basis for both concept, design sprint and the UX direction on the new solution, which are going to represent Fredericia for both the locals and for the visitors.


It has been an exciting process. Partly because we have been able to work with user tests and apply the users' direct feedback. But also because we have worked with design sprint, which is a kind of "greatest hits" mix of design thinking, innovation, behavioral science and business strategy, all of which are packed into a 5-day process. It has been an insanely effective way of working on a project.

Frederik Røssell
Digital Designer, Adapt

Facts about Fredericia municipality

Fredericia Municipality is a municipality in the Region of Southern Denmark, close to both Lillebælt, forest, nature, art, and festivals. The city is centrally located in the Triangle area, with 415,000 inhabitants, 200,000 jobs, 37,000 industrial jobs, and 550 industrial companies.