IKEA gains insight into the benefits of user research

IKEA is in a digital transformation these years, focusing more and more on meeting their customer's needs with as much precision online as they do in their well known and loved warehouses around the world.

To help shape their understanding of the benefits from involving the end users, and to demystify the field of user involvement, IKEA contacted Adapt in their search for consulting and knowledge-sharing. 

We of course welcomed IKEA here in Adapt, and created a workshop format to help them meet their goal. The day consisted of a thorough but light introduction to qualitative research and user testing, providing a bit of theory about interview techniques and bias-types, a handful of examples from the user lab here in Adapt, and some knowledge about selected methods (Guerilla testing and Think-aloud tests). 

We of course ended the day with the participants “getting their hands dirty” and performing mini-studies themselves - and with a team ready to take on structured user involvement in their everyday development praxis.