Flowers on subscription from Interflora

Interflora has launched their very own subscription-based flower service. With their business blooming, so to speak, they’re continuously looking for ways to make getting fresh flowers easier for everyone. With it, you can now easily set up a subscription to get regular deliveries of fresh flowers to your home or work office, and customize it to fit your needs, whether you want multiple, or custom-made bouquets. 

Created to appeal to both businesses and private shoppers alike, we helped Interflora conceptualize, design, and develop their flower subscription service. In collaboration with Interflora and their florists, we created a concept that would be easy and simple. We then built the entire setup to fit into their existing order handling system, to ensure a seamless workflow for both Interflora and the florists. 

Whether you’re setting up a subscription or sending a flowery greeting, ordering online at has to be a great customer experience – and we’ve helped Interflora create just that.