Connecting buyers and beverage producers on a new platform

We are proud to announce that we have joined forces with Kobaj [Co-buy] – a Danish start-up with an entrepreneurial fund-based project. 

Kobaj has a vision of changing how we sell and buy wine, beer, and spirits. And they have a great solution too: They want to connect buyers and producers on a digital platform and make it easy to trade and sell wine and quality spirits from European producers. Kobaj removes all expensive middlemen by offering their own delivery service. 

Both private and business have for a long time wanted to buy directly from European producers, but distances, minimum orders, and shipping costs have always been a barrier. Soon, everyone who wants to will be able to buy and sell whatever they want, whenever they want, and how much they want – directly from selected producers and at their prices.

And we are building the online multi-sided platform that can fulfill the digital growth ambitions of taking on the Nordic market. Our role is to create the right ecommerce strategy and develop a solution with an exceptional user experience.