Changing the way we buy bicycles with Velorbis

Getting a new bike at Velorbis has changed. The new way of doing it has the customer more firmly in the driver's seat. It’s all about what YOU want now. You get to create your own bike, change every part, every part’s color, and make it your own – and all of this is done digitally, right on their website.

The system is fully integrated with the ordering system which is transferring all the data to the factory, and then the factory creates your bike – the one you just made – just for you. But we wanted to take it further and make the process of getting a new bike online more social. So we integrated it with social media, so you can now share your created design so people can see your design in detail.

So, whether you’re going for vintage, casual, or even electric, you can now go to Velorbis and create your own perfect ride.