Another record-breaking Mother’s Day for Interflora

This year saw yet another record-breaking Mother’s Day for Interflora – propelled to previously unseen heights by the recent implementation of the new order-handling system for Interflora, developed and implemented by Adapt.

The order-handling system allows Interflora to receive and process a large number of concurrent orders, without even breaking a sweat. Where other retailers might need to put their order-handling systems on standby to handle periods of peak load, Interflora is critically dependant on being able to not only receive but also to process, handle, and deliver – often within hours of an order being placed.

As a cloud-based, microservice architecture application, Interflora’s new order handling system had no issues handling 20 times the average amount of transactions, with the vast majority of the orders being placed within hours of each other – with zero slow-down.

So with a combination of a simple, fast and convenient user experience on together with an ecommerce architecture ready to handle extreme amounts of pressure Interflora secured a significant sales lift compared to last year.

We can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for Interflora!