Adapt turns 20 years

For 20 years, Adapt has been at the forefront of digital development and made strategic decisions that today make Adapt not just a web agency, but an agency that has developed into a multidisciplinary digital agency that specializes in user experiences.

It all started in a backyard near Store Kongensgade...

In August 1998, Adapt started in a backyard near Store Kongensgade, Copenhagen. It was a time when many small agencies were founded and a time when fast solutions dominated the market. The vision for the new Copenhagen agency was different - Adapt aimed to become a web agency whose DNA would consist in building long-term customer relations. A strategic direction was laid to build the foundation for the DNA, and today, 20 years later, there can be no doubt that they’ve managed to do just that - build long-term partnerships with their clients. 

Over the past 20 years, Adapt has grown steadily, but the past 5 years have seen explosive growth in the company, and international branches have been set up in Boston, Berlin, Barcelona and two offices in Lithuania. In addition, the vision of long-term customer relations has been respected. DS NORDEN was Adapts first major customer and is still a client today. Since then, major customers such as SPORTMASTER, Interflora, NORMAL, European Sperm Bank, The Royal Danish Theatre and Novasol have followed.

The road to success

CEO Kresten Wiingaard believes that Adapt can celebrate their 20 years in the industry because Adapt constantly has kept up to date with new initiatives in the digital world and made strategic choices to "adapt" to the new trends. Development of digital solutions has evolved over the years. Focus has shifted from functionality to features, to focusing on users. Today, Adapt’s mission is to approach every single project from a "Users first"-perspective. 

With the users at the very heart of Adapt, focus can also be diverted onto new areas and trends. CEO Kresten Wiingaard believes that the next step will be Blockchain, Conversational UI, and Voice.

However, strategic predictions are not the only thing that has kept Adapt in business for the past  20 years. In Adapt, there has always been a focus on the employees, and the company puts a strong emphasis on good relationships and a good social environment. Which is something they will continue to focus on in the future, which has helped the agency to develop internationally:

"The most important thing for me is that when we become a truly international agency, we can still offer our employees the opportunity to work with diverse and exciting projects in the countries we are in. Going forward, I believe we’ll see a world where people want to move around more freely, and stay different places during their careers, and we should use that as a lever to recruit the kind of talented employees we have today, "says Kresten Wiingaard.

Adapt celebrates their birthday on September 14, 2018, in their HQ at Christianshavn with a large reception and subsequent party for their customers, business partners and network.