9 statuettes from this year's Splash Awards

We are proud to announce that we’ve taken home 9 Splash Awards for the work we’ve done with our clients over the past year. Splash Awards, formerly known, as Drupal Awards, celebrates the best Drupal projects of the year, and the companies and agencies behind them. 

Full throttle on ecommerce!

Of the 9 awards we’ve taken home, 3 of those are within ecommerce, where we proudly presented our collaboration with SPORTMASTER, Interflora and FDM Travel. We actually took up the entire nominated field in the ecommerce category, proving once again that we mean business when we talk ecommerce. Below you can find a short description of the project we were nominated for.

Gold winner - Interflora

The Interflora site is a high-performing, ecommerce gift universe. We built the site on the premise that we wanted to give their customers a personalized shopping experience, while knocking the socks off all the competition out there. We succeeded. 

Silver winner - FDM travel

We created an inspirational and user-centered website, designed to help their users discover the unique possibilities that FDM travel offer, along with the stories from other travellers - all based on creating the best possible experience for the FDM travel users.  

Bronze winner - SPORTMASTER

The new SPORTMASTER site is an ecommerce powerhouse, and has already produced spectacular results. The platform is built on Drupal 7 and in React, to ensure incredible performance and to give the users that app-feeling. 

    Awards across the board

    Besides the strong showing in the ecommerce category, we’re proud to announce we took home awards in every single category! A huge shout out to all our teams and clients - amazing work everyone!

    Clients we have done ecommerce for