3F creates a service tool for their members

We have teamed up with Denmark's largest union, 3F, to create an app that will help 3F's members document and keep an overview of their working hours.

An app for registration of working hours

The new app, ‘My Working Hours’, will make it easy for 3F members to log their working hours while they are on the go. With the app, they can register activities, breaks, sick days and courses. Many members are currently writing in a physical logbook, but with the new app it’ll be much more efficient for a member to register and get an overview of working hours.


The union 3F is Denmark's largest union, and has just about 275,000 members who work within six main areas: Industry, Building and Construction, Transport, Public Sector, Private Service - Hotel & Restaurants and The Green Group (Members who work in forests, plant nurseries etc.).