Røde Kors partner with Adapt for digital rearmament

Røde Kors is on the cusp of an extensive digitalisation of the organisation and to fulfill their ambitions they’ve chosen to bring Adapt in as digital partner.

Going forward, we, at Adapt, will assist Røde Kors in creating a digital transformation in the Danish branch of the world’s largest humanitarian organisation, which will change not only the existing digital infrastructure, but also competencies and the business part of Røde Kors. The digitalisation is taking place at multiple levels in the organisation and we are meant to have a role as 360 degrees digital advisor during the transformation. We will, thus, operate at the strategic level as well as on a practical one, when the digital solutions are to be developed. The new collaboration has already begun and the first workshops and user tests have been carried out.

The humanitarian organisation’s focus on the digital part of their universe is not completely new, however. The work which is now being intensified was originally kicked off about one and a half years ago when Bjørn Borup assumed the position of CIO in Røde Kors. “At Røde Kors, we want to be frontrunners. We want to explore and take advantage of the opportunities that digital solutions provide, so we can do better and more effective humanitarian work. We are very focused on creating a digital infrastructure which will strengthen our activities now and in the future. We have the vision and strategy in place, now, we look to implement it in the best way possible and that is why we’ve chosen to establish a collaboration with Adapt.

On our side of the table, we can’t hide the fact that we are extremely satisfied with this new collaboration and the projects. “It’s always interesting to work with organisations with societal impact and especially when it, like here, involves an organisation with a humanitarian purpose that makes a difference for vulnerable individuals every day. And when Røde Kors also has such high ambitions when it comes to their digital presence it is, honestly, hard not to get really excited on a personal as well as professional level,” says Ask Hybel, lead business developer at Adapt

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