Frihedsbrevet picks Adapt for app development and digital partnership

Frihedsbrevet saw the light of day in spring 2021 and now they have invited us, at Adapt, to help develop an app for their subscribers and to be their digital partner.

As a media outlet, Frihedsbrevet is already turning heads by rejecting public funding and refusing to sell advertising space. They are a different breed than the established media outlets. Now, Frihedsbrevet is under way with a subscriber app that puts emphasis on the auditive experience as subscribers should be able to listen to every article. We are excited that we get to develop the app, which will be native and available on iOS as well as Android.

“We chose Adapt because they quickly understood our needs and our wish to enter the market soon, without making any compromises in terms of creating a good user experience. Our ambition is that our subscribers will be able to listen to everything we publish as soon as possible. Therefore our new app is an immense platform for us and we can’t wait to introduce it to our subscribers,” says Charlotte Hoffmeyer, CCO with Frihedsbrevet

Our collaboration with Frihedsbrevet is, however, not limited to app development. We will also handle web development as well as digital marketing and we are delighted to take on such an extensive and important role. Honestly, we are a little infatuated with Frihedsbrevet’s ambitions and devil-may-care attitude and their focus on memorable user experiences resonates with us.

“We are always focused on the end user when we craft digital platforms, which makes this collaboration a great match. And we would be lying if we said that the public attention surrounding Frihedsbrevet wasn’t making the project even more interesting.” says Anders Skov Pape, creative Director at Adapt. 

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