Is your webshop ready for the holiday sale?

Singles day, Black Friday, Black Week, Cyber Monday and good old fashioned Christmas shopping. The Silly season of Holiday shopping is approaching rapidly and one question calls for attention. Have you prepared your webshop for the holiday sale?

If you haven’t, you’re in a bit of a rush. However, you should not fear, not yet at least - we are here to help you. Recently, Google presented the most important insights when it comes to the holiday sale of 2021 and we had our digital marketing experts there with their notepads and sharpened pencils, so they can now share the most important take-aways with you, in this blog post.

One of the more curious insights, which surprised us a little bit, is that holiday shopping has already begun. Appoximately 16 percent of the Danish population has started buying their Christmas gifts. And this number dates back to the beginning of October, meaning that it has probably increased since.

However, the big question is - is it too late to optimize your webshop and make it ready? Our answer -  definitely NOT. Does this mean you have plenty of time?. Definitely NOT. We recommend that you start as soon as possible. The first thing you should think about is Singles Day. At this point you might be thinking: Isn’t Singles Day just another excuse for people to buy a ton of things they don’t really need? This may very well be the case, but if you work with ecommerce it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee, because Singles’ day is popular and it’s here to stay. It is a thing. As the name implies it is made for singles, but if you aren’t selling products particularly for singles it should not keep you away from prioritizing the day. 

With that said -  Black Friday is still the biggest day of them all. Last year 56 percent of the Danish population bought their Christmas gifts on Black Friday. Despite this the attitude towards Black Friday, and other big Shopping days, seems to vary from brand to brand. Some really buy into the whole concept with big campaigns and even bigger budgets, while others try to stay as far away from Black Friday as possible. Regardless if you are in one camp or the other or right in between our best advice for you is to have a plan ready for the day. It would be a mistake no to. If your company does not want to support or give the day any attention, our advice, speaking strictly from an ecommerce standpoint, would be to reconsider this decision. Of course, we acknowledge that other factors play into this decision and there can be plenty of good reasons to not do Black Friday Initiatives.

If your reason for skipping Black Friday and other holiday shopping concepts is because you do not want to offer a discount, here are some examples of what you can do instead. For each sale, you can donate to a charity or plant a tree. You can also vocalize why you do not take part in Black Friday etc. For instance by communicating the following on your digital platforms: “we don’t offer discounts, because we already have the best products at the best prices. 

Instead of ignoring these big annual shopping days, it is better to address why you are not taking part if this is the case.The reason why this is crucial is that you can’t argue with data: the aforementioned 56% percent shows that you cannot miss out on this day. 

You’re probably wondering how you can maximize your share of the 56%? According to Google 64 percent of the people who bought their Christmas gifts on Black Friday made their purchase online. Out of these 64 percent, 42 percent of the purchases were from searches, and 21 percent were from browsing through social media. From this we can conclude that being visible and present on SoMe is important, but it is even more important to bring your search engine A-game. Normally, there’s two ways to go to become more noticeable in the search results. SEO to appear highly ranked in the organic search results, and the other is through paid search - SEM. However, If you want to be ready for the holiday shopping, focusing on organic search won’t cut it. The competition is too strong. Therefore we will only give you advice on paid search. 

On paid search you can be visible in the search ads and in the shopping ads. If you already use Google shopping, Google recommends that you use Smart shopping, because advertisers see a 30% uplift in online conversion value. If you have any special offer, remember to create the right extension and keywords, to make sure that you show the best possible ad and do not miss out on any sales. 

If you have any questions or in need of elaboration on the above, feel free to contact us.

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