Adapt & SEAS-NVE take the stage at Digital Copenhagen

How do you create interest about a product that no one cares about, everyone takes for granted, but is still consumed by us all?

Adapt & SEAS-NVE will team up for a speak at this year's Digital Copenhagen to answer that exact question. The event will take place on November 17th at Tivoli Hotel.

Representing Adapt is Client Services Director, Philip Arnaa and speaking on behalf of SEAS-NVE is Kasper Søvsø, Head of Digital & Marketing. The pair will depict how SEAS-NVE has lifted energy as a product out of the low-interest category and turned it into something their customers care about. Even to a degree where they've also been able to change their behavior towards something greener and more climate conscious. Furthermore,  Arnaa and Søvsø  will take the spectators on a guided tour through the digital solutions that have been the cornerstone for driving these changes and the digital transformation that SEAS-NVE has been through.

If you would like to learn more about our work with SEAS-NVE make sure you attend the speak or explore it right here on this very website

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