New Retail - Involvement is the future of retail

We create digital experiences for retailers that involve users, build brands and create significant sales. Future stores won’t distinguish between online and offline shopping experiences. They are true omnichannel and use the existing physical framework to challenge and involve consumers with digital means.

Why work with New Retail?


The growth in retail is happening within ecommerce

We help you with the development of the strategy and implementation of great digital shopping experiences. Our ecommerce and retail specialists will, in cooperation with you, facilitate the development of the creative concept, ideation, and execution. We are innovative and aim for ambitious goals that will push the limits of your brand and sales.

Data-driven New Retail concepts

The digital concept takes the best online ideas and combines them with a solid statistical foundation. TWe put this into play so you never have to guess what's relevant to you and your customers again. We are responsible for the physical implementation so you do not have to spend time on setup and maintenance - whether it's for a campaign or permanent.

Brand experiences that boost sales

We develop video, design concepts, and content based on creating an atmosphere, brand awareness and drive sales in stores. This is done through active or passive instore solutions. The solutions come in many forms. They distinguish themselves being a customer and expedient dialog tool or assisting a product or category with a sale. Everything is coupled, of course, with customer interaction. You control the content through our management interface, ensuring that you’re not dependent on others.

Personalized New Retail experience

We work with personalized experiences through the use of Beacons, NFS, and sensors that can tell us the customer’s position and what products they interact with. With these technologies, we can create unique and personalized experiences that affect users through their devices or in-store concepts.


With the instore solution, we wanted to support our mobile POS, and showcase our full range in the store on a customer-facing platform. That way we collect those customers who may not necessarily find the product in the current store. In addition, we create a greater connection between our physical stores and digital platform.

Aleksander Due-Rasmussen
Ecommerce Manager, Sportmaster

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Customers have specific needs to be met. Let's talk about what works for your audience and how we, together, can create the future's New Retail.