Marketing Automation

We love a good flow, and to create meaningful content for your users we’ve dedicated ourselves to a never-not-optimizing approach. We help your business with marketing campaign strategy, creating email marketing flows, and most things in between – all in the name of conversion. We’ve teamed up with more than a few of our favorite automation platforms, to offer your team the best tools to optimize your digital marketing presence. 


If you really want to get down with Marketing Automation, Salesforce is one of our preferred platforms. The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to building, extending, and optimizing flows. Personalize content, create multiple versions of a campaign, and bring data into play like no one else – the sky is the limit.




If you’re looking for a user-friendly platform, that still masters the power of dynamic content to perfection, ActiveCampaign is worth checking out. Marketing Automation equals personalized content when choosing this platform – and higher click-through rates naturally follow. Whether you need a flow for abandoned carts or gender specific-flows, we can work some if-this-then-that magic for you.


For a simple setup with straightforward features, we recommend choosing MailChimp for your Marketing Automation. Build newsletters in user-friendly templates, set up flows for customers’ birthdays and other celebrations, and get the full overview of your data so that you can compare and optimize your conversions. 


Teaming up with Agillic means teaming up with an AI driven marketing automation platform. Put simply, with Agilic we utilize data intelligently to track your customers’ behavior and customize the content they meet. Our team helps you navigate the platform’s many possibilities of building customer journeys and turning data value into actual conversions.


We have a user-first approach, no matter how we tailor the app for your business. In return, you get engaging users that keep coming back. 

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