Technical Director

We’re looking for a Technical Director that can help us level up, so to speak. See, our clients’ businesses are growing, and the technical demands for their digital products are growing with them. So, we’re looking for a visionary Technical Director to head up our teams of developers, and help us create even better digital products.  

The Role

You’ll be joining us in our Copenhagen office, stepping into the management team from the get go. Your role in creating and pushing our tech-agenda will see you manage our in-house backend developers and build relations with our clients, all the while ensuring that we’re always bringing innovative and visionary digital solutions to the market. 

A bit more about the role: 

  • You’ll be the visionary driving force behind developing our tech stack
  • You’ll be one of our main architects, helping our clients get the technology they need 
  • You’ll be knee-deep in ecommerce solutions, API’s, decoupled architecture, the list goes on, so you’ve got some versatility, tech-wise. 
  • You’ll be part of the management team, ensuring we’re on the right track
  • You’ll be the able hand guiding and managing our cloud-hosting

You, you, you

Right, here’s the thing. We already know a lot about what your role will be, but we also have an idea about what you’ve been through so far. You might be a developer looking to step into management, or you might already be there, looking for a change - or you might be something else entirely. We won’t get too specific on which programming languages you should master, after all, that’s something we’re hoping you’ll bring to the table. 

Illustration by Art Director - Jeff Kristiansen


The culture

We run, we dance, we create wonderful digital products - not all at once, but that pretty much sums up the culture we have. We trust each other, and we help one another. We are partners to our clients, we collaborate, we build trust, and so do you. It’s not rocket science, but we’re proud of the culture we have here, and we’re constantly working on making Adapt an even better place to be. 

Join us, or else…!

So, what do you need to know about us? Besides the fact that we are the very frontline of digital evolution, we really are a lovely bunch. Honest. We’re also highly specialized in building digital platforms that are crucial for our clients’ businesses. And we do that across the globe, with 6 offices placed strategically around the world.

Questions and all that

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Managing Director, Rikke Frelle, phone: +45 3341 1050. 

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