Project Intern

The vacancy is targeted for students at DMJX or similar.

Are you a service-oriented Project coordinator with a focus on deliveries that meet both deadlines, budget and quality? Do you want to work with exciting digital clients and help manage a team of digital experts, developers, UX’ers and designers, both onsite and offshore? Well, look no further. 

The Role

We are looking for an intern to our project management department, who can help bring our digital projects across the finish line. You’ll work closely with the project manager in the team and will act as coordinator on larger projects as well as be responsible for smaller clients and projects. 

Your daily work involves a team of developers, UX’ers, and designers, and you’ll be trained in Adapts agile project methods and process tools, such as Jira. Oh, and you’ll, of course, have the opportunity to influence and optimize our work processes.   

We imagine that you’ll start in the beginning of August 2020.

You’ll be working with 

  • Daily contact with developers, UX’ers, designers, and customers 
  • Regular contact and cooperation with Adapts offices in Lithuania 
  • Planning and facilitation of project plans and estimates 
  • Ongoing coordination, reporting, and follow-up
  • QA, test and quality control 
  • Motivate and inspire project participants 
  • Hand-over, evaluation, and completion of projects

You, you, you

Right, here’s the thing. We already know a lot about what your role will be, but we also have an idea about what you’ve been through so far. You’ve got the ambition of becoming project manager after you finish your studies. As a person, you’re responsible, full of initiative and can work both independently and in teams. It’s an advantage if you have experience with project work and project management in a digital context. 

Of course, you get to sprinkle your own magic along the way in our quest, but to pull your own weight you probably need to be able to:

  • Work structured, and have an eye for quality
  • Have strong verbal and written communication skills - Danish and English 
  • Be eager to learn and further develop your skills
  • Have the ability to work across multiple accounts and projects
  • Plan and have an understanding of the digital production process 

The culture

We’re quite social at Adapt, and rarely a month goes by without an Adapt event of some kind. We throw big parties every year, where we invite both our clients and friends, they are well attended and always a lot of fun.

Friday bars, both planned and spur of the moment, are a common thing at Adapt, and they often entail a friendly game of table soccer or a less friendly game of Cards against Humanity.

Adapt sponsors employee planned events as well, and we’ve been bowling, to the movies and joined forces to escape a Mystery Room.


Join us, or else…!

So, what do you need to know about us? Besides the fact that we are the very frontline of digital evolution - and that we are aiming for world domination - we really are a lovely bunch. Honest. We’re also international, with 6 offices placed strategically around the world, we’ve already come far in our plotting, and you’ll be placed in our Copenhagen office. We are partners to our clients, we collaborate, we build trust, and so do you. 

Oh, and...

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Senior Project Manager Margrethe Karll, on +45 33 41 10 50. So send us your application along with any relevant work you’ve done, or your portfolio before December 9th 2020.

We’re so excited to see what you’ve been up to!

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