At times, it is necessary to talk to people about their lives outside of the digital realm. Often it is necessary to step back, enter people's lives from a different angle and explore the life they live – not just how they use a digital product. In that case, we use in-depth interview to gain access to the everyday life- and thoughts of the target group. 

How we do in-depth interview

The in-depth interview is often used in the initial phases of an analysis process, to get a grasp of the reality of the users and the role the digital product may play. So if you are launching a new service, entering a new market, or your core segments have changed, we use interviews to uncover the blind spots and help decode the needs of your customers. By analyzing the behavior of the users, patterns across segments emerge and Insights about the target group take shape.

We do in-depth interviews because:

  • We get an understanding of the needs of the target group
  • Through the analysis of patterns of behavior, we can tailor solutions on said problems
  • We get an understanding of the lingo of the target group and can adapt tone-of-voice and terminology accordingly
  • By cross-referencing the needs of respondents from different segments, can create a better user experience for all
  • We use interviews to uncover the blind spots and help decode the needs of your customers

Clients we do user insights with

Want to know more about Interviews?

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