Analytics & Insights

We combine human insights and big data to make sure what we, and you, execute is relevant for you and your customers. We go through detailed testing to underpin everything we do.

User insights 

We use an ethnographic approach to examine how users interact with the world and the digital products within. We analyze behavior, wants, and needs - and let the insights we gain shape products and processes, and play a definite role in all parts. 

User testing

We base all our projects on a solid understanding of who’s going to use it. We conduct a variety of different user tests; from think-aloud tests, and focus groups to digital user panels. We investigate your target group’s reception of a new digital product.


User testing | Think-aloud test | Focus Group Interview | Joint Public User Test | Digital Panels | In-depth interview

Quantitative and Qualitative data

We are specialized in using qualitative and quantitative data to find key areas to improve customer experience and business results. Our methods enable us to analyze patterns in customer behavior, predict outcomes and optimize performance.

Apps & mobile

We create apps and mobile experiences, regardless of device or location.

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