Effective user involvement through digital panels

Want to know what your customers think about your product, brand, or website? Want to get better at involving your users? At Adapt, we can help you establish your very own digital user panel with the opportunity to invite users to test ideas, designs, or concepts. It's easy and can be done at all stages of your process.

Continuous user involvement enables you to respond in time

A digital user panel is an online discussion forum that can consist of past, current, and future users or customers. The users are invited to tell their opinions about specific things that you want more information about. It can be a new logo, a mock-up of a product, or a completely third thing you want user tested. And it can be done in several ways - through questionnaires, interviews, user dialogues, or quick comments. The digital panel gives you deep insight into the customer's mind, so you can respond in time and customize your products and digital services.

How can your business benefit from a user panel?

We focus on the user. We want to understand their challenges and find new ways in which we can create value and great user experiences. That is why we believe that a digital user panel is an excellent tool for involving users while staying updated on their behavior, needs, challenges, and opinions. A digital user panel gives you access to continuously user involvement and is especially suitable for A-B testing. When drawing on the insights from the user panel, you can make concrete recommendations for how products and services can be optimized, so that it creates added value for the users.

Want to know more about Adapt's digital user panel?

At Adapt, we have our own digital user panel with more than 500 people from different user groups. And we can help you with setting up your very own digital panel. We can assist with the recruitment of participants, sparring, and dialogue with the users – so that you can make the most of your user tests. We can also help you with the process of creating testable mockups and design – and subsequently, translate the insights into concrete action proposals.

Want to know more about digital user panels?

Contact us if you want to know more about how to get started with a user panel.