The moment we’ve all been waiting for - Drupal Commerce 2.0 has landed

Ok, so maybe we’ve not ALL been waiting for this - but for anyone in eCommerce this is big news. Drupal Commerce 2.0 is launched to the fanfares of ‘the reinvented Drupal Commerce experience’ - a bold claim that we’re eager to test to the fullest. 

The first Drupal Commerce was - and still is - a great success for many eCommerce businesses. There was a high demand for a platform that was able to adapt to their specific needs, and at the same time freed them from the cost and constraints of the somewhat rigid and proprietary platforms - and that’s where Drupal Commerce came in. 


Where Drupal Commerce knocked on the door - and was let in by many business owners - the 2.0 is looking like it might kick the door in.


Where Drupal Commerce knocked on the door - and was let in by many business owners - the 2.0 is looking like it might kick the door in. It has taken all the great things of its predecessor and evolved them. What we have now, is a platform with a proven track record in the market, in a modernized and highly evolved version. Drupal Commerce 2.0 is easy to integrate with, easier to use, and, quite frankly, just plain better. 

So, what’s actually new?

Here’s a rundown of the major changes that the 2.0 brings to the table. Let’s just dive right in. 

Better Payment Integration

The payment gateways and how they integrate with Commerce 2.0 have gotten a huge upgrade. This means, that the time it takes to link up new payment methods has been simplified with very little custom logic required. Commerce 2.0 stores and customers both benefit from this because the door is open for a vast number of gateways at your disposal, whether that’s credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and even manual payment options like email money transfer or pay in store.

Enhanced Shipping Support

Shipping has gone through a major overhaul for handling all kinds of shipping requirements. Commerce 2.0 now has an API that can be used to integrate with any shipping provider out there. You have the ability to set rates, print labels, create packing slips, and so on, but the new functionality means that you can also easily replace any of these pieces with integrations from nearly any service provider.

SOLR Catalog Functionality

Every catalog page in Commerce 2.0 is a search result using a powerful platform called SOLR. To your customers, these results look like the catalog layout they're used to, but behind the scenes, there are some pretty cool things going on. These search result pages can be further filtered and refined using any parameter available in the content, whether that’s by price, brand, color, shape, size, or any other data you’re using now, or want to use tomorrow.

Customizable Checkout Flows

Commerce 2.0 checkouts can now be configured using an easy drag and drop interface. This is cool because you can now create a variety of checkout flows that are then assigned to order types. So, for example, if you’re selling physical products you’ll need shipping details during checkout. However, you can now set up a variety of order types (digital, subscriptions, events, etc.) which would require a different checkout flow. Digital products don’t need shipping, so this can easily be removed for those orders.

Increased Site Performance

There are a number of significant site speed improvements with Commerce 2.0. Much of this is because Commerce 2.0 runs on the new and improved Drupal 8. Drupal 8 was reworked from the ground up to, among other things, be blazing fast. It uses PHP7 out of the box which gives your site roughly 2.5x the performance over PHP5. It utilizes a number of new caching methods, such as BigPipe caching, which provides a better user experience all around.

Last words about Drupal Commerce 2

Well, this has been just a brief review of Drupal Commerce 2.0. Believe me, your shiny, modern, easy to use, and powerful Drupal 8 online store will be capable of absolutely anything! For building one from scratch or adding Drupal Commerce 2.0 functionality to your existing Drupal 8 site. If you're interested in discussing what the release of Drupal Commerce 2.0 means for your business, talk to me or one of my colleagues! 


Jesper Biisgaard

Solution Architect, Adapt Boston