Get flexible with Contentful

Digital platforms are evolving, creating the need for more flexible solutions. Today, there are websites, apps, mobile sites, instore solutions, and so many more. That is why we're all of a sudden talking headless ecommerce. And when we are talking headless CMS, we have to mention Contentful; A Content Infrastructure system, similar to a CMS but with far more features and applications – enabling you to create and reuse your content across channels, touchpoints, and digital platforms.

Reuse your content across all channels

What makes Contentful a headless solution for managing content is the fact that it is using API calls when getting data in and out of the platform. That means that the underlying platform is not limiting you when building applications. And this is why Contentful is appealing to developers, but just as much to content creators. Regardless of whether it’s smartphones, instore solutions, or web, Contentful is making sure that you have access to whatever content you need. When content is stored separately from the code, you can reuse it across all your channels.

Like playing with LEGO

Building with bricks is fun. Writing applications with Contentful is like materializing your ideas with LEGO – you always have the right set of blocks to build your applications. Every framework is custom-build, and you can use whatever programming language you want. As a content creator or developer, it gives you the freedom to be creative. That is what differs from traditional CMS’s, where you most of the time are limited by language and existing premade models.

What can Adapt do for you?

A one-site-fits-it-all-approach might fit you if you want a simple website. But, are you looking for a flexible content management solution, that enables cross-functional product teams to ship updates faster and deliver new websites and pages across countries, business lines, and platforms? Then Contentful is the perfect match for you. It’s cloud-based, with no need for security patching, maintenance, and performance monitoring. So, you can focus on creating the best content for your customers. However, you’ll need developers to build applications. At Adapt, we have some of the best. We can help you build scalable, fast, and maintainable solutions based on Contentful. 

We would love to tell you more about how we work with Contentful. If you're interested let us know