A website built for green content

Our partnership with Ørsted, now SEAS-NVE, kicked off with a frog leap from an inflexible and expensive platform to a cost-effective, flexible and custom Wordpress website built for performance and to put stellar content about sustainability and green energy at the forefront.

Content is king. Content is green

For Ørsted, now SEAS-NVE, it was a cardinal point to make it easy for their in-house editors to put their green thumb on a steady content flow. So, we made the change from an inflexible CMS to a flexible, performant and custom Wordpress CMS built to strengthen the user experience via content.

the green news

We swapped the CMS and made alterations which upped the frontend performance for Ørsted.dk, while fertilizing the ground for a content flow relevant to the users. This maneuver paid off as it helped Ørsted editors to easily create a steady flow of content. The content especially evolved around green energy and sustainability and helped spark interest in electricity and energy. In other words, the fulfillment of Ørsteds vision started to materialize.

Website project sum-up

Together with Ørsted, now SEAS-NVE, we made the switch to a flexible and cost-effective CMS with an optimised frontend performance, designed to spread the green news. However it did not stop with this - hopscotch on to see how we continued the transformation of Ørsted, now SEAS-NVE, with a new app.

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