Personalized and packed with green advice

Together we set out to create a brand new and highly personalised app to move in on Ørsteds, now SEAS-NVE’s, customers and increase loyalty. And to make it easy to go green.

Go green and
save money with
eco features

The Ørsted, now SEAS-NVE, app boasts the green features, which is some nifty and easy-to-live-by advice on how to make your power consumption environmentally and financially sustainable. These features have played an important part in Ørsteds, now SEAS-NVE’s, mission to create interest in electricity and energy.

The average dane thinks about electricity consumption 7 times a year. The average Ørsted, now SEAS-NVE, customer checks it in the app 7 times a month. Electrifying!

Things just got real-time personal

The launch of the Ørsted, now SEAS-NVE, app was also the launch of a much more personalised experience. Based remotely on electricity consumption and data from ERP, call center and CRM, Ørsted, now SEAS-NVE, has insights into each household's electricity consumption on an hourly level.
All that data we are putting into play.

This has been the enabler for these features:

  • Consumptions overview - customers can now see their consumption in real-time
  • Receive insights about consumption from all households
  • Access their electricity bills in the app
  • Compare their electrical consumption year-to-year

So, to sum
things up

With the development of the app, we added to the foundation laid by the website project. A personal experience guiding Ørsted, now SEAS-NVE, customers to opt for greener behaviour, whilst also saving money. Also, The app and the green features has been monumental in building interest for electricity and increasing interactions.
That puts the wrap on the app - a solution giving us all the option to go green.

The website built
for green content

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