Roses are red, violets are blue,

Modular and agile is what we do

With that little piece of poetry we begin the story of how we collaborated with Interflora to replace a heavy legacy order handling system with an API-based and cloud-native ditto, constructed from best-of-breed microservices. We called it IFOS.The Interflora order handling system.

and scalable

The order handling system is the backbone of just about any e-commerce business, and it’s no different for Interflora. They came to us as their old system was… yeah,well... getting old.

Together, we set up a modular architecture of microservices which made for a light and flexible setup, that is possible to scale as Interflora grows and develops.This enables Interflora to continuously adapt their tech stack to match their strategy.

Furthermore, with IFOS we gathered all necessary features, which used to be scattered across four platforms, in one system.

This approach has made IFOS fit right in with the ecosystem of digital platforms(link webshop/webapp project) that we already build with interflora.

and performant

User-friendliness is immensely important to us, which is why we designed and built the order handling system in collaboration with the people who use it daily. We teamed up with florists and Interflora’s customer service to make sure the platform was easy to use and efficient.

Equally important, the platform needed to be performant and able to handle peak loads on critical days such as Mother's Day and Valentines Day, without slowing down or even crashing. It’s cloud-based and scalable nature is the safeguard against such unforeseen problems.

Build for the future

With this modular and scalable digital architecture Interflora is ready to take on the future and what it might hold. In these years, the digital realm and ecommerce is changing rapidly and now Interflora has a flexible order handling system with stellar performance and the capability to keep up with the changes.

A modular ecommerce gift univers!

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