A modular ecommerce gift univers!

Our partnership with Interflora began in 2017 when we joined forces for an ecommerce replatforming project. The goal was to replace an inflexible standard solution with a new flexible foundation to secure future growth and innovation.

A new ecommerce platform blossoms

Insights and strategic planning was key

Selling flowers online is all about creating a smooth and intuitive user experience. That’s why we performed extensive research to map out the customer journey before we began coding, plan the design, and organise the information architecture.

After gaining a solid strategic and tactical understanding of Interfloras business, we prioritized features according to business value and complexity. This is how we were able to create the most possible value for Interflora and secure an efficient development phase.

A modular ecommerce evolution

As time progressed there was a need to decouple the role of the ecommerce platform and introduce more micro services into Interfloras ecommerce architecture. Our favorite example is the creation of a new wepp and that was done in a collaboration with Interflora’s team.

This project involved creating a completely new user experience for the mobile users where everything from browsing to writing gift cards was 100% optimized for the mobile user experience. For the tech nerds out there, this was done in ReactJS in combination with a laravel service layer and an Nova admin interface. Furthermore we were able to do a gradual A/B test rollout by using Fastly’s load balancing service. That sounds fancy right?...

Luckily the results were great too! A mobile conversion rate of 24% to 35!%

An absolutely amazing improvement

Mind = blown!

Flourish and Grow

This concludes the digital fairytale of how we assisted Interflora in scaling a performant and conversion-prone gift universe, through a modular and flexible architecture of microservices. Read on to see how we consolidated this process with the development of IFOS - Interflora’s order handling system.

How we built Interflora’s

Modular order management system

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