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We have released the Danish union Kommunikation og Sprog's new website. The thorough process has lasted more than two years, going from strategy workshops and defining Must-Win Battles, think-aloud user testing to designing and developing the new site.


Client: Kommunikation og Sprog

Client since: 2021

Company size: 60+

Industry: Political Organizations


Web development, Design, UX

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The Client

Kommunikation & Sprog (KS) is a Danish trade union built for professionals within the fields of communication, language and marketing. KS functions as a advisoral on workplace conditions, salary and professional development for the members of the union. Their aim is to strengthen their member’s ability to identify core professional skills and empower them in their daily work. 

They offer lots of relevant and inspirational content via their magazine and yearly events and courses as well as having a large activity network of volunteers who ensure their offers are always on the forefront of developments within the industry.

The Challenge

Kommunikation og Sprog’s website had several design- and functional challenges which affected both the union internally as well as its members. The build itself was not accommodating the existing and potential new members’ curiosity of what KS can offer in terms of content and services. The user experience did not feel great which had a substantial impact on acquiring new members, same being evident for the KS editorial employees which felt inflexible and limited working with the site.

KS’s mission statement was quite clear. They wanted a solution that would focus equally on the experience of the editors, the current members of KS as well as potential new members who were attempting to understand the value that the union could bring them in their professional lives.

The Solution


We have approached this project with an agile mindset, meaning the project and the solution could be subject to change - we wanted to learn and get smarter as we progressed. From an initial strategy workshop we had a clear idea of what direction the site should go and thus we developed a prototype. We decided to test this on a usergroup to understand what worked, what didn’t, and what could be improved. Based on defined user stories we were able to identify the needs of the three types of users we were aiming to serve with this project: the members and future members of KS, the editors and the tech people behind.

The new

We have created a mobile-first site which focuses on qualifying existing members and bringing in new members by exposing them to content that’s relevant to them and letting them find the information they require easily and intuitively. A new information architecture makes it possible to push content cross-site, and the collective user experience both on mobile and web is consistent with KS’s communicative universe. The design has been upgraded, staying true to the original brand but with a fresh and conveyed experience.

On the other side of the same coin, the editor experience has been significantly revamped with a Statamic build opening a new intuitive and logical world for editors to create content and build navigation in. This removes the inflexible limitations met by the editors of KS previously, and ensure they have the abilities to deliver the best content where it’s needed.

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