Fusing physical and digital retail in Norway

Vita is a Norwegian beauty and health retailer with a huge presence both online and in physical stores. To Vita, retail in the 21st century is both a physical and digital experience, and we’re helping them bring the two aspects of their business together. 


Vita had noticed a gap between their new and modern ecommerce platform and their physical stores. Both were doing good, just not as a unit. So they came to us, to help them bridge that gap in a time where the converging of the physical and the digital shopping experience is set to challenge retail. Together, we launched digital instore screens to unite their digital and physical stores.


We kicked off the project with a workshop in Norway. The timeframe was dictated by the opening of a selection of newly refurbished stores, meaning that our teams had to work with a determined focus on what the instore screens should enable the user to do. Our entire approach was defined by what we wanted the users to accomplish, and we took all our instore experience, and Vita’s knowledge about their customers, and merged into a Vita-experience in the space where digital meets physical. 

Design & UX 

One of the main challenges when designing and creating digital experiences is context. People know screens and can quickly understand the technology, but the context – using a huge screen in a store, is different than using a small personal device. This meant that there was a myriad of small tweaks and changes we had to do to create an experience that users would be familiar with, and feel comfortable using. There were a ton of questions and challenges that we went through from a UX perspective, sometimes multiple times, to make sure we got it right. As usual, we used user testing as a tool to create the balance of familiarity and comfort we we’re looking for. 


The goal was to bridge the gap between the physical and digital stores, and we did just that by creating a physical, digital device for Vita. In collaboration with Vita, we created an instore solution that enables users to search the entire product assortment for Vita and with just a few clicks they can buy the products from their mobile device, combining the instore screen, the physical shopping and the webshop all in one smooth shopping experience. This step also highlights the dedication of Vita to pursue an omnichannel strategy and their will to push the normal retail dogmas. 

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