The world’s largest online game community

Unity is one of the world’s largest Game Engine providers, and one of the biggest entrepreneurial successes in recent Danish history. Now, we’ve helped them create a platform to help bring game developers all over the world together and showcase their games and skills.

The Purpose

Unity came to us with a clear vision – they wanted to democratize the discovery of games, and help game developers showcase their work. To do this, we sat down with them, and created a concept that would allow every single game developer working on Unity’s platform to join a global community of game developers. This community would have two main focuses; to help developers showcase their skills and game portfolio, and let curious gamers explore the vast world of games created on the Unity engine. Together, we created

The Approach

As a result of the concept-phase, we wanted to create a platform that would entice everyone from the biggest game developers in the industry, to the pro and casual gamers just looking for the next game to play. To do that, we thoroughly researched the relatively diverse target groups, and incorporated a variety of functionality that would help garner attention for the new games, including a beta-testing function to allow sneak-peeks of games to come. In the development of the site, we also strove to make the design as clean as possible. 


The whole project revolved around creating a platform that could function as both an online community for developers, where they could share their games and exploits, and a gamers ‘paradise’, filled with new games for the curious to explore.

Mads Thines
Senior Frontend Developer, Adapt

The Solution

With over a million active developers using their game engine every month, we created site that would help developers access a huge network of fellow developers, gamers, and large gaming studios. Everything was created in the spirit of Unity, using only open source platforms, and keeping everything as transparent as possible. Unity wanted a platform that could help market new games, and the developers behind them, and we delivered a platform that did just that, and now has over 1.000.000 users.


growth in traffic


increase in average time spend on page


increase in unique page views

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