Retaining the highest customer satisfaction score in Denmark

How do you retain the highest customer satisfaction score in the country, across the entire industry? You focus on the customer experience across all touchpoints. Which is why TJM Forsikring came to us to help them build a new website that would help them retain their incredibly impressive customer service. 

The Purpose

With the need for a new platform approaching rapidly, TJM Forsikring was understandably apprehensive for the changes that would necessarily come with it. But in their eyes, if the change was unavoidable, why not go for a change for the better? Which is why they came to us. They wanted a site that played into a larger rebranding process, and they wanted to stay at the very top of their incredible Net Promoter Score. A simple request, but a hugely complex task – one that we relished! 

The Approach

To reach the ambitious goals, we hunkered down with the TJM team, and went through a comprehensive research phase, covering SEO, KPI’s, UX, and design principles. Simplicity, structure, and relatability were the keywords for the new platform, and we helped them build a site that drew on the virtues of the old site, yet streamlined seamlessly into their new brand identity. 


Throughout the project, Adapt has managed to balance offline and online challenges while keeping our values of simplicity, structure, and relatability alive. Adapt deserves great praise for their skilled and efficient team, and I warmly recommend them as a strategic partner.

Jens Henriksen
Division Partner, TJM Forsikring

The solution

The goal of the project was communicating relatability and safety way ahead of sales, and we were constantly affirmed in our approach as we went through several stages of user testing. Together, we crossed the finish line with a result that we’re incredibly proud of. A platform that stays true to what TJM Forsikring stands for while being built completely in the spirit of customer experience.


Part of this solution was also to further develop their brand identity in the digital universe. So while reflecting TJM's values, it also supports users' needs and requests for an easily accessible site. In the UX and the design process, besides focus on the design principles, there was also a lot of focus on content and how it, along with the design, could guide the users.

Mette Gry Schmidt 
Digital designer, Adapt


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