Optimizing rapid growth

Sofacompany has taken the Danish furniture industry by storm. With a combination of quality, design and competitive prices they’ve grown explosively in a very short time. And this growth is why they came to us, to help them maximize their digital potential. 

The Purpose

The Danish furniture manufacturer Sofacompany has achieved incredible success in just a few years. That they’ve gone from a small webshop to being represented in 10 European countries shows they know their market. But their ambitions are even greater, and that’s why they came to us. They needed a strategy for their digital development across all platforms, and they needed help deploying that strategy. From the initial research phase to the final optimizations, we helped them plot the course for global greatness.

The Approach

Sofacompany needed a detailed overview of where their platforms could be optimized, and how the best way of doing that would be. So we sat down and did a full analysis of their platform, and were quickly able to deliver insights that immediately had a massive impact on their business. We delivered UX and design optimizations for their site, and, working through their data to further optimize their traffic, we helped them gather all the data from the 10 different countries, and helped them set up both individual tracking and collected. Overall, we've helped Sofacompany with tracking, international Adwords & Paid SoMe, Analytics, Display & Remarketing, and UX & optimization.


It has been really interesting working with Sofacompany using a data-driven approach to increase sales & brand awareness across countries.

Klaus Jespersen Colding
Director of E-business & Optimization, Adapt

The Solution

The new digital setup was designed to make their presence on the market even more notable and ensures a synergy and internal transparency across their organization, and across several markets. We set up tracking systems and an ecommerce dashboard to help measure performance, making sure everyone is aligned and updated on all activities. This optimization of Sofacompany’s digital activities is part of an international marketing setup and has shown immediate impressive results. 



Adapt has helped us with digital marketing and increased our digital potential across channels and countries. This has led to a significant increase in our sales.

Henrik Andersen
CEO, The Sofacompany


increase in relevant traffic


conversion increase


increase in mobile traffic

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