A digital companion to Hedebostien 

Hedebostien is a huge recreational trail, a network of newly established paths and tracks between Roskilde and Køge, created to provide the people of the Capital Region better access to the beautiful natural areas and stunning countryside. We helped them create a digital platform that would spread the word, and inspire people to use it. 

The Purpose

The purpose of the path was to create the best possible conditions for the people in the Capital Region to explore and enjoy the beautiful nature just outside Copenhagen. We joined forces with Roskilde, Greve, and Solrød municipalities to help them create the concept for a digital universe that would inspire people to explore the trails, and to help put them on the map for the thousands of tourists looking to experience the greener side of Denmark. To that end, we built an app and a website, to accommodate both users at home, and on the go.   

The Approach

From the first kick-off we knew it was important to research and thoroughly map the target groups, to ensure that every bit of functionality and content put into the development was necessary to its success. From there, we had workshops with our clients and the target groups, to make sure we stayed on target. In the design and UX phase, we wanted both the app and website to have a simple, yet enticing expression, bound up on visual storytelling via large beautiful images. 

The Solution

The app and website work in tandem, making sure that all users, regardless of where they are, can access all information about the trail. With the app you can plan a route, before, or during your walk, and even access the countryside’s natural and cultural wonders through images, text and audio guides. Users can even get a personalized experience tailored to them based on interests, and stay updated while on the trail with geography-based Push notifications, highlighting scenic routes and new paths to explore.


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We’ve been very satisfied with the collaboration with Adapt Mobile. Not only have they achieved a fantastic result with the app, but also managed to create a coherent universe that works across the platforms. 

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