Stronger brand identity in Rezet’s new webshop

Rezet Sneaker Store, the shop for sneaker-enthusiasts, came to us to help them expand their online universe with a webshop that reflected their identity, their passion, and their extraordinary level of service. We helped them step onto the world market stage.  

The Purpose

The ambition for the new site was clear from the start – Rezet wanted to create an experience online, that matched the experience their customers got in their stores. Grand ambitions indeed, and a challenge we dived straight into. We tapped into the storytelling that the sneaker-universe is abundant with, and paired it with a smooth checkout-flow, to make sure that we catered to the curious, the hardcore, and the casual shoppers, in an aesthetic and vibrant design.  

The Approach

We created a site where the main focus is on the storytelling. All the way from entering the site to the final checkout, we wanted to make room for telling stories through text and images, designed to work across any device, to fit the mobility of the target group. Even though the site is designed with the sneaker enthusiasts in mind, we wanted to keep the expression clean, to make sure it appealed to everyone, cutting everything but the necessities away, making it as simple as possible to get the shoe you’re looking. 


The whole idea behind the project was to create a user-universe that appealed to both hardcore sneaker-lovers, and to the casual shoppers. We created an inspirational, magazine like knowledge-base, where the checkout-flow guides the customer, and makes it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. 

Elin Linding
UX Lead & Strategist, Adapt

The solution

Simplicity, knowledge and stylish were the keywords that defined the project. In close collaboration with Rezet, we helped them create an online shopping experience that matches the in-store experience, with personalized browsing, a smooth checkout-flow, and a beautiful shopping universe created to inspire.


revenue increase


more traffic


increase in avg. order value

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