Making it easy to go green

Ørsted is one of Northern Europe's leading energy groups headquartered in Denmark. Ørsted is at the forefront of the battle against climate change. As Denmark's largest electricity supplier they are the first in the Danish electricity market to rethink their business model. They no longer strive to make money on their customers' electricity consumption - only on the subscription itself.

Ørsted is driven by a vision to create a world that runs exclusively on green energy. A vision that has moved them to focus 100% on cheap, green energy and has won them the title as the world’s most sustainable business.

Under the mantra; “making it easy to go green”' they have focused on their customers needs and consumption habits. Ørsted wants to help them go green - whilst also saving money.

Danish Digital Award 2020

The jurors of the Danish Digital Awards 2020 were also impressed with the solution and the results. The case was the most nominated with 5 nominations, and won gold in the categories: 

  • Personalisation
  • Customer Experience
mit ørsted app


Fix the Basics

The foundation for achieving the vision was the development of a new website and app. The existing website was a Sitecore solution that was inflexible and too expensive to operate. It was difficult for Ørsted to fulfill the great ambitions they had with that tech setup.

We developed a WordPress website that focused on simplicity and performance. At the same time, it needed to be a flexible platform giving Ørsted great opportunities to create high-quality content but it also needed to be really fast.

Additionally, we believed that with an app we could get even closer to customers by targeting them on their primary platform and thereby increasing loyalty. The app always has new up-to-date advice on how to save power and choose green energy. E.g. how much C02 can you save per year by not leaving your gaming console on standby? And how much extra power do you use if you forget to put the lid on your pot? These are tips that are easy to understand and translate into everyday life. 

The personal experience 

Based on remotely measured electricity consumption and data from ERP, call center and CRM, Ørsted has insights into the individual household's electricity consumption on an hourly level. All that data we are putting into play.

Ørsted has established a new marketing automation platform as well as a new data model. With these platforms, Ørsted customers will be provided with personalized insights about their electricity consumption down to their households in real time. The 3 platforms are fully integrated with each other and data flows freely between them, giving the customers a relevant and holistic experience throughout the customer journey.

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The Results 

Ørsted's new digital platforms have not only changed the business, but have also significantly changed customers' interest in electricity.

Churn amongst new customers has been reduced by 17 percentage points, and customer satisfaction has increased by 7% for those who receive personalized communication by mail.

Each month over 100,000 unique customers use the solutions across app and self-service on Ø This means that Ørsted has 40% more customer interactions on the digital platforms than in the call center - a huge boost. And while an average Dane on average thinks about electricity for 7 minutes a year, Ørsted's customers check their electricity consumption 7 times a month with the app.

The new has shown significant progress on the most important KPIs.

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