Not just a NORMAL app

NORMAL is the fastest growing retailer in Denmark. They are expanding rapidly with great success, and now we’ve begun a strategic partnership with them, to help create engaging and delightful customer experiences. The first step in their strategy is their new app, and it’s live. 

The Purpose

NORMAL’s meteoric rise has meant shops opening all across northern Europe. Now, they are crossing the digital threshold with their new app, to help engage their customers, to lure them to their stores, and to learn more about what their customers want. We are looking forward to engaging and delighting Normal’s customers with personalized communication, aimed to increase the brand awareness and brand interaction by delivering what customers want, at the exact moment they want it. 

The Approach

We kicked off the project with a two-day workshop, putting our teams together to get deep into the project, and set down a clear direction for the end product. The whole point was to create an app in the spirit of NORMAL, which meant we kept the design and the entire tone of the app humorous and ‘light’. To help us keep the tone and visuals on brand, we worked closely with the NORMAL team and their creative consultant, Søren Fauli. 


The design in the app is created in collaboration with artist and movie director Søren Fauli - who helped create NORMAL’s visual identity. The design of the app, along with the brand new iconography, was created to match the existing visual identity, to help transfer the brand recognition. Along with the very identifiable visual style, the tone in the app is also based on NORMAL’s characteristic tone of voice, helping to extend the brand universe flawlessly from brand and online, to the app. 


From a tech-perspective, we built an integration with Storebox and Agillic to help create a smoother flow between the app and POS (Point of sale - cash register) in the physical NORMAL. By doing that, NORMAL can access purchase data and purchase history, to personalise their offerings to each individual customer. By using StoreBox, they are also ensuring top security, so that their customers can feel safe when giving their personal information. From the customer-perspective, these integrations mean that they have, among other things, all their purchase receipt saved directly in the app.

The Solution

In collaboration with NORMAL, we created an app that engages users, ensuring that NORMAL continues to be top of mind among their current and potential customers. In addition to creating an app that supports the NORMAL brand, we’ve built a series of games into the app, keeping the humorous and playful tone, that NORMAL can use for competitions and prizes, helping them increase loyalty in a way that is natural to NORMAL. The app also functions as a communications channel, featuring news and offers to the customers. 


"We wanted a partner who was able to listen and understand our go to market approach, and who could embrace our marketing universe and challenge our ideas. Adapt has been a strong creative player, they have fully lifted the technical tasks and we are very pleased with the result. We are looking forward to future cooperation". 

Liselotte Kirkelund
Chief of marketing, Normal A/S

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