Digitising help to small banks

Nets is a provider of payment, card, and information services. They came to us to help them develop a platform that would help digitise and process time consuming legal work, to help their clients’ customers.

The Purpose

Nets forms the backbone of the Nordic payments ecosystem, and serves as the transaction intermediary between the Nordic banks. They came to us with the ambition of helping their clients, by eliminating the time consuming legal work the banks experience when manually handling legal issues like credit card fraud. We sat down with them, and developed a concept that would allow Nets to directly, and digitally, handle all these legal issues, taking over, and processing the administrative workload from the banks. 

The Approach

The concept phase involved workshops with Nets and several smaller banks. We mapped all the challenges, both legal and digital, and created the strategic roadmap for the project. From there, we developed a prototype, and put it through extensive user testing. Because of the legal aspect of the project, it was important for both Nets and the users testing the prototype, that the platform guided them, carefully taking them through several scenarios. We worked with interaction design, UX, and design, to make sure everything worked together to help the users. 


When we discovered the need for innovation and digitising of a difficult process, for both the banks and users. We turned to Adapt, and started looking into how we could simplify and digitise the process, because we needed experts in user behavior to create the best result possible.

Lars Duval Frandsen
Nordic Business Manager, Nets

The Solution

From concept to workable prototype, the new legal form and process can prevent misunderstandings when filling out the forms, save resources for case handling at the banks and ensure Nets better input for further processing. It is based on the user's situation instead of Nets and the bank's workflow. Nets now has a proven prototype that simplifies the entire process and serves as documentation for how the Nets development team can build functionality in the future to help their customers. 


Adapt’s experience with user-centric solutions definitely influenced our approach to the concept development of the project, and has made sure that the service is based on the user’s needs above all else.

Lars Duval Frandsen
Nordic Business Manager, Nets.

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