Explore the advantages of LO Plus 

With more than 800.000 members LO Plus is one of Denmark's strongest membership clubs, known for its incredible customer service, and boasting more than 1300 membership discounts.

LO Plus wanted even better relations with their members, and to that end, they needed an accessible tool that organized all their benefits in one place and made it easy for the members to find what they’re looking for. We helped them build an app to accommodate the members of LO Plus on the go. 

Because LO Plus is owned by different unions, it was important that each of their identities was represented. This means that the app is divided into each of their membership areas, complete with their own logo and design. Furthermore, the app contains the members' membership card, number and QR code. Therefore, in order to protect this data, we built it all behind a secure Nem-ID log-in.


We have, in collaboration with Adapt Mobile, developed an app with an advanced push system, that provides us with the ability to connect with our members in a new and exciting way. Simultaneously, the app has made it easier for our members to locate their many membership perks.

Kenneth Nielsen
IT Consultant/Project manager 

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