Designing a united organisation

The Danish Medical Association (DMA) represents nearly all doctors in the country, and serves as the administrator for specialized medical associations. With the vast member diversity, the DMA came to us, to help them create a unifying platform for their organisation. 

The Purpose

As an association comprising of several organizations, the Danish Medical Association (DMA) represents almost all doctors in Denmark – including junior graduates, specialists, general practitioners as well as a large group of retired doctors. They came to us with a clear goal of uniting the organisations under one brand, and help them create separate and individual identities for each of their represented organisations. We sat down with the DMA, and together, we created the digital strategy that would embrace their member diversity, and unite them as an organisation. 

The Approach

We knew that the new site needed to be built from a ‘users first’ principle, ensuring that all organisations were represented equally, and easily distinguished by their brand colour that we designed for them. The ‘users first’ approach also made the UX design vital so all users could easily navigate the site, and find information relevant to them. From a design perspective, we wanted to create a more human feel to the site, and move the DMA away from the traditionally more steril look, by using softer, and warmer colours.  


We’ve created a platform where the editors’ editorial freedom was pivotal. This means, that the different user segments get customized content - while experiencing a streamlined site – as well as smooth functionality and navigation across the various associations.

Heidi Mønnike Jørgensen
UX Lead & Strategist, Adapt

The Solution

Collaborating closely with the DMA, we built a site that accommodates all organisations, and is built on Drupal, a flexible platform, that will allow the DMA to easily keep the site up to date with the digital development. With a site that contains such vast amounts of information, and requires a lot of editing to keep information up to date, Drupal is essential, as it allows for a smoother editing interface, and also allows for easy integration with the DMA member portal. With a new platform, and a new design, the DMA now has a platform that embraces its membership diversity.

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