Improving Marketing Efficiency through a ROI focussed strategy

Kingfish is a leading danish diving equipment and travel company. In addition to running a successful ecommerce shop, they also have a strong focus on travel and creating fantastic diving experiences. They came to us, to help them solidify their online marketing effort. 

The Purpose

Kingfish needed help in optimizing their online ad spend, in order to get as much value as possible from their marketing budget. This effort spans both organic as well as paid search, funneling the most profitable traffic possible to the website. This is achieved through a strong focus on audience segments, keywords & phrases that bring the highest possible business value.


"Kingfish has got a fantastic market opportunity by offering equipment, diving courses and travel destinations. Our goal is to help Kingfish reach their overall growth targets using digital marketing & analytics to generate new business and prioritize ad spend intelligently". 

Klaus Jespersen Colding
Director of E-business & Optimization, Adapt

The Approach

We identified key optimization areas, including conversion rate, basket size and traffic quality, and created a strategy to help them reach their ambitious goals. After careful analysis of the market and Kingfish’ position in search engines, we tweaked and optimized SEM campaigns to maximize return on ad spend (ROAS) and conversions. 

One of the important ingredients in our strategy was to base the marketing-budgets on seasonality, ROI and market demand.

Work done:

  • Google Shopping Setup w. automatic feed
  • Campaign strategy & budget prioritization
  • Automation & dynamic ads 
  • Continuous SEO monitorering
  • Digital marketing consulting
  • Google Tag Manager setup and automated 404 tracking

The Solution

Through our two-pronged strategy of improving conversion rate and traffic quality, we have reached a level where CPC has gone down, and conversion rate has gone up. This inevitably creates a massive spike in return on ad spend. We also gained 25% more organic traffic compared to last year and 15% conversion rate lift compared to last year.


more revenue from Adwords compared to last year


reduction in price pr. click compared (CPC) to last year 


better return on ad spend (ROAS) compared to last year